Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Christina Aguilera Back to Basics Tour Live in Bangkok 2007

Scotch Bird’s Nest & Singha Corporation incorporate with GSM Advance, A.P.Honda Motor, Delta Paint, Siam Commercial Bank, B-ing and RSiDREAM Entertainment proudly present one of the most accomplished performers of the decade, Christina Aguilera, who has won 5 Grammy Awards and over 100 other awards, and over 25 million album sold worldwide. First time in Southeast Asia with a modern inventive vision fused with elements of retro glamour concert, “SCOTCH FOREVER YOUNG AND SINGHA TASTE OF MUSIC PRESENT CHRISTINA AGUILERA BACK TO BASICS TOUR LIVE IN BANGKOK 2007”. The concert will feature a unique stage design that will allow Christina’s fans unprecedented access to the stage with unbelievable sight lines. The tour will feature three distinct stage scenes, illuminated by more than 600 moving lights, and a state-of-the-art hydraulic system.

Venue : Impact Arena Muangthongtani
Location : Changwattana Road Nonthaburi Bangkok
Show Date : Thursday, June 28, 2007
Price :
7,500 Baht
6,500 Baht
5,000 Baht
4,500 Baht
3,500 Baht
2,500 Baht
1,000 Baht
Creadit: thaiticketmaster

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nat Myria - Ost. Fah Ja Rod Sai The Musical

It's a new song from Fah Ja Rod Sai The Musical 'Pid A Rai (Am I wrong?)' by Nat Myria who as a Michele. After this the musical end we will see Fah Ja Rod Sai in TV drama too but produce by chanel 7.

DL: Nat Myria - Pid A Rai (Am I wrong?) Ost. Fah Ja Rod Sai The Musical

Friday, May 18, 2007

Patcha AF - The Miracle 6

Finally, Patcha AF2 release her solo album 'The Miracle 6' after she done so many specail project with Academy Fantacia such as Powerpop Girl, AF the Misical etc. The 1st single's 'Cha Pai Mai Ther (Is it's too late)' a ballad song but it's didn't make me impress so much I'll be waiting in next single girl. Anyway I ike her style in this album seem like a rock chic.

DL: Patcha AF - Cha Pai Mai Ther (Is it's too late)

Patcha AF - Cha Pai Mai Ther (Is It's Too Late)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gancore Club 2 - Saad!

Song of the month
Artist : Gancore Club 2 (Joey Boy, Petchy, Fucking Hero & BZ1 , Buddha Bless , Q'ty , MaF , and Zom and more..
Title : Saad!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Christina Aguilar - C.Space new album

Dancing queen back! Chritina Aguilar ready to back on the floor with new album 'C.Space' and release the first single 'An Everlasting Love' with 2 versions. I heard that and I think it's sound like dance stlye that she cold do it since lastest two albums. Hope it well for Tina I'll cheer you up!!

DL: Christina Aguilar - An Everlasting Love (Dance Version)
DL: Christina Aguilar - An Everlasting Love (Original Version)

T-ser - Christina Aguilar 'C.Space' HQ!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Four + Mod - Wooo! instore 17 May 2007

The tracklisting from the third album of Four+Mod's 'Wooo!' is coming soon! 'Mai Jeb Mai Tarm (Ask me when I'm hurt)' is the new single and the rap in this song too!! Check it out

DL: Four + Mod - Mai Jeb Mai Tarm

Four + Mod - Mai Jeb Mai Tarm

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tata Young - Plai Tien OST.

Tata Young as 'Kao-Lud' in Plai-Tien series or Thai TV darma, a famous Thai novel by Kaew Kaaw. She sing in 'Ja Geb Aow Wai Hai Ter Phu Deaw (Keep it for you)' Plai Tien's soundtrack.

DL: Tata Young - Ja Geb Aow Wai Hai Ter Phu Deaw (Keep it for you)

Tata young - Ja Geb Aow Wai Hai Ter Phu Deaw Plai Tien OST.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Buzz Music 2 - Bebe, Sugar n’ Spice and Kook

New album from Buzz Music 2 with four cute gals, Bebe' (Buzz Music), duo girls Sugar n’ Spice and Kook (Ex-meber from 001) release a new song 'Sorn Kum Wa Ruk (Teach Me a Love)'by Bebe' but I'm waiting for Kook's song I think she can sing quite well. Check it out!
For more about Bebe' click Bebe' Fanclub

DL: Buzz Music 2 - Sorn Kum Wa Ruk -Bebe

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Andrea Suarez - One Moment Please

One Moment Please's is Andrea's 2nd album after she released EP I Miss You. It's include 4 tracks from that EP, 2 remixes and with 2 new songs 'Mai Kow Jai (I'm Not Get It) and feat Dr.Kids song 'Jub Mea Chan Meun Wan Kon (Take My Hand Like That You've Ever Do)' It's quite rare track and I missing Tar Dr.Kids when I heard this song. Enjoy!

DL: Andrea feat Dr.Kids - Jub Mea Chan Meun Wan Kon
DL: Andrea - Mai Kow Jai (I'm Not Get It)

Goom Jai - Bird Perd Floor concert with special guest Pinky Sawika

Goom Jai - Bird Thongchai and Pinky Sawika Pinky Sawika so cute!!