Thursday, August 31, 2006

Seasons Change Ost. - Wad Jai I luv 'Pom' a young guy in uniform can't wait to see this movie! lol.

Let's check Seasons Change official site!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mai hot like fire! her new album as yet untitled, due September

Let's Jump with Jamp!
In 90's Thai pop groub 'Teenage Grade A' comprised of four boys Tae, Way, Teen, X, and four girls Anna, Michele, Jennifer and Por. After they splited the girls from the group were to be creating a group called 'Jamp'. They covered a pop/dance song in two albums and this one is from 2nd album 'Bung-On Aow Tae Dance'.

T-Skirt - Mai Tow Rai (90's Thai pop music) for this skirt don't wash, don't wear, just listen!

their song is coming...

Yuyee, Be Wrinkled
she was a former top model ,sexy star, singer and host on TV program (HBD on Ice, she's quite cool) this is her song from two albums ..I luv her 2nd album a lot and looking for it. Lastest project from Yuyee was in movie 'Err Ror (Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect)' I think it's weird movie. Here are the two songs of her.

DL: Yuyee - Jong Pen Sook Pen Sook Tur (Go Where Ever U Wanna Go!)

DL: Yuyee - Wan Nuang (One Day)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"P'Bird Lonely?"
Here is the radio rip of "Fon Nai Jai (One Lonely Heart)" by Bird Thongchai...
and it's rumore for next single is dance song "Kor Dee (It's OK)". He'll back to top Dancefloor! ...anyways can't wait for his new album !

DL : Fon Nai Jai (One Lonely Heart)"

Back to the past!
This is classic cd from Kita record. Moddy Treerak, Dr. Kids, Aom Sunisa.
Here we go!
DL: Moddy Treerak - Mee Fan Rur Young Jah (Do You Have a Girlfriend?)

DL: Dr. Kids - Kow Rai (Bad News)

DL: Aom Sunisa - Laa Kon (Good Bye)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Seasons Change trailer: เพราะอากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย
Fundee Funden - Haam Chan Tee (Remind Me) (90's Thai pop music) I'm looking for this twin's cd coming soon!

Cool Mint!
Mint Uttawadee release her 3rd album 'Mint Closer' with new sound and new label SonyBmg(Thailand). I think that's better than her previous album. Lastest rumour she wanna go inter like Tata Young (They're same label). This is her first single What's your name? It's a alright track i like it. Check it out.

Mint Closer - What's your name?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Supermodel was a singer!
Yo Yossavadee is Thai supermodel was the debut album 'Yo Yossavadee' in late 90's (I'm not sure sorry) with pop/a bit rock. Unlucky this album wasn't successful so she attention to be supermodel and that's Yo for today. 'Yuh Tee Nai? (Where's are you?)' is one of my fave song and I hope you'll be like it.

DL : 'Yo Yossavadee - Yuh Tee Nai? (Where're you?)'

New 3 Divas?!
great performance from Aof,Ice and Peck at Channel V Music Awards 2006. They singing Endorphine's hit song 'Yah Tum Hai Fah Pid Wahng (Thank God I Found You)' That's good cos all this guy sing very well they have real talent Umm.. seem like I'm watching VH1 Divas!. Thanks Yamatow for this file.

DL : Aof,Ice and Peck - Yah Tum Hai Fah Pid Wahng (Thank God I Found You)Live @ Channel V Music Awards 2006

Aof,Ice and Peck - Yah Tum Hai Fah Pid Wahng (Thank God I Found You)Live @ Channel V 2006 so smazing Divas lol

Friday, August 25, 2006

New Futon!

New Futon!
Futon, electro clash band of Thailand comprising of Gene ,Oh (Thai),Momoko (Janpanese),Bee, David and Simon (all UK.They have now finished recording their 3rd album Produced by Tim Simenon the songs are now being mixed in Amsterdam. The band are now starting rehearsals for the upcoming live shows.Futon's new song will be on their myspace page very soon, (go to Futon's myspace journal to read more..)

The recorded 10 tracks are:
Strap It On
Shiela Tequila
Love So Strong
Copy Of You
U Mean Nothing To Me
End Of Friend
Morning After Pill
Credit by

Futon - That Look In Your Eye this is lastest Futon vidz from EP.Rich Baby

Pick up BK Magazine this week!
Tah Da! Please pick up BK Magazine this week b'cos Wattina on BK cover! Haha yes, it's me!. I worked at No.1 free magazine 'BK' before and this issue the concept is Fake Huntand they looking for a Fake girl on cover and then they choose me. If you wanna read this story more just click to BK site or pick it up at Starbucks, Siam and many shop etc. see you there!.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tata Young - Temperature Rising (CD) Burning and Hott In Store Now!
Sena-Hoi - Dum Jang (So Dark) feat. Buddha Bless (Video)Hoi Dum Pidd! 555 funny video.

Lanna is comming with new fairy tale
New Lanna Commins song, I didn't find anything official saying
this is the first single off her new album "Paradise" though "Seuah Hang Kwarm Sook (Happiness Rope)" sounds like a fairy tale and Lanna goes to cartoon style too lol, well i really like this!

DL : Lanna Commins - Seuah Hang Kwarm Sook (Happiness Rope)
Turn back time wiht Andrea

This is classic album in 90's Thai pop music. She's Andrea Suarez and this's her 1st album cover 'Andrea' feature hit single 'Sob Tah (Look Into My Eyes)'. Andrea & Tata Young state as a rival back then but both were very close friend.

DL : 'Sob Tah (Look Into My Eyes)'

Andrea Suarez - Sob Tah (Look Into My Eyes) MV

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sleepless Society 2 by Narongvit feat. Nat Myria

Sleepless Society 2 by Narongvit feat. Nat Myria - Tad Jai Mai Dai (So Hard To Forget) Video

Pinky & May FuengArom in LoogThung stlye

Millionaire Girl!
Hot Hit TV Drama LoogThung stlye 'Saonoi roi Lan (Millionaire Girl)' starring by Pinky Sawika and May FeungArom. The girls act like LoongThung gals of course they singing by themself too. They can sing so well cos this girls was a pop singer! Do you remember her? Pinky was a member of Bug Bungi .Their hit song was "O-Ya-O" released in 2000 and May FeungArom was debut her album 'May' before too. So they can sing very well and I think they looking for LoogThung business already.

DL : Jug Ga Jee(Trcikle) -Pinky Sawika Ost.Saonoi roi Larn'

DL : Abe Tuay(Paparazzi) - May FuengArom Ost.Saonoi roi Lan'

Jug Ga Jee(Trcikle) - Pinky Sawika Ost.Saonoi roi Larn

Abe Tuay(Paparazzi) - May FeungArom Ost.Saonoi roi Lan

Bird still the one
Here is Bird Thongchai McIntyre's 'Thinag Gun Tum Mai (We Shouldn't Argue)' in HQ rip. Now I'm not sure his album is titled "Volume 2" follow his lastest album? and date release too if I get confirmed news I'll update asap!

DL : Bird Thongchai McIntyre -'Thinag Gun Tum Mai (We Shouldn't Argue)'
Aof Pongsak (AF1) VS Ice Saranyu (the Star 1)
Dancin in smash single 'Kon Jai Ngai(Easy Breezy)' so funny good step dance! lol (plus Bo TK too)at 94.0 EFM Opening Party

Maf - Bangkok (Japan Version)

Maf - Bangkok (Japan Version)
The Thai-HipHop groub Maf realeased their 1st album 'Bangkok' in August 2003. Their Members are DJ Ma a Japanese who used to work with Dome and Dajim , rapper Aus was winner rap competition and lead singer Fah was a writer very hits song for Natalie and Daoke before. In 2004 Maf turned theire attention to Japan and re-package album Bangkok in Japan. Now I'm waiting for their next project!
Record Label Gancore Club / GMM

1.Open the Door
2.Pee Suer : พี่เสือ Feat . น้าต๋อย เซ็มเบ้
3.Rong Tao Kang Deaw : รองเท้าข้างเดียว
4.Fiona in Giant's Dream
5.Tur Wan Nee Mee Num Tah : เธอวันนี้มีน้ำตา (Feat Koh Saxman)
6.Pa Sa Yee Poon Wan La Kum : ภาษาญี่ปุ่นวันละคำ
7.Mai Klub Mah : ไม่กลับมา
8.Hua Ror Tum Mai : หัวเราะทำไม
9.Toom : ตุ่ม (Feat. Fukking Hero)
10.Bangkok : แบงกอก
11.DJ Ma Rap Thai : ดีเจ มา แรพไทย
12.A Deed : อดีต
13.Ar-Nu : อนุ
14.Wake up
15.Wan Wai : หวั่นไหว
16.Plao Roke Na : เปล่าหรอกนะ

Maf - Tur Wan Nee Mee Num Tah (The Day I Made U Cry) Feat Koh Mr.Saxman My fave song!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bird Thongchai McIntyre new single 'Thinag Gun Tum Mai (We Shouldn't Argue)'

starring by Ann Thongprasom and Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan. Famous couple from TV Drama Oum Ruk (Chain Of Love).

Nat Myria still sad with her breakdown?
After Success of Sleepless Society by Narongvit with as Mai Lab Mai Non (No Sleep Tonight) - Marsha Wattanapanich in the last year. Now they back with 1st single - Tad Jai Mai Dai (So Hard To Forget) Sleepless Society 2 by Narongvit feat. Nat Myria, a girl who has a big announce separation witn her husband Tao. Is This song made her sad again? It will be released on August 29th

DL : Sleepless Society 2 by Narongvit feat. Nat Myria - Tad Jai Mai Dai (So Hard To Forget)
Tata Young - Making the video 'El Nin-YO!' (Japan Edit)
You're burning Hotta!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tata Young will be shake the world
Tata Young hot Amerasian was Thailand's youngest pop sensation and now she is ready to spread her talent to the world. Temperature Rising is second album in English. Coming Soon 24th August 2006. The first single is El Nin-Yo!. In US this album "Temperature Rising" will arrive in 24th August 2006

tracklist :
01. El Nin-YO!
02. Back Out of This
03. I Want Some of That
04. Come Rain Come Shine
05. Uh Oh
06. Betcha Never
07. Zoom
08. For You I Will
09. Must Not Chase the Boys
10. I Guess I Never Knew My Baby
11. Superhypnotic
12. Mila Mila

DL : Tata Young - El Nin Yo!
Christina Aguilar Winner MTV Music Award 1992
Christina Winner MTV Music Award 1992 REACHING OUT OVERSEAS.
This is 'That'll be the day (Mai Yahng Ja Cheuah Loey)' video from 2nd Album AWUTLUB Feb 28th, 1992. From now on I think she still hot!

Dancing Queen back!

Chirstina Aguilar Thai Divas releases 8th studio album with 1st single 'It's Worth' produced by Bruno Brugnano her new album should drop this year
Keep your eyes on her !!

DL : Christina Aguilar - It's Worth (Kor-Kum-Law)