Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tong Pakkaramai - Secret

New album from Tong Pakkaramai Protranan coming up soon 'Secret' that she turn to pop dance music again and get more sexxy look like a model that she do. the first single 'Oh My Boy!' umm that ok but it's can't make me move too much sorry Tong anyway not too bad and good luck!

DL: Tong Pakkaramai - Oh My Boy

Tong Pakkaramai - Oh My Boy

Zom Ammara - Zah Um Ma Rom

This is new album from Zom Ammara with new label 'Gancore Club' Zom still do a Ska& Reggae. I love her 1st album so much for new album pls check it out!

Zom Ammara - Zah Um Ma Rom

Marsha - Rak Young Mai Tong Karn

Release date : 22 September 2007

Track List

1. Ruk Yung Mai Tong Karn (Let's Have Fun Tonight)
2. Roke Poom Pae (Allergen)
3. Poo Chai Huay Huay (Suck Guy)
4. Fhun Klang Kuen : ฝันกลางคืน
5. Lock
6. Love Party
7. Chuay Pood Noi : ช่วยพูดหน่อย
8. Hed Sood Wi-Sai : เหตุสุดวิสัย
9. Yah Mong Na Kao : อย่ามองหน้าเขา
10. Hua Jai Ten Rum : หัวใจเต้นรำ

Marcha - Rak Young Mai Tong Karn (Let's Have Fun Tonight)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Play Girl - Som Amara feat. Joey Boy

New single from Gancore Club2 by Ska girl Som Amara 'Play Girl feat. Joey Boy. I really like this video you'll see many guy from Gancore gang too. Enjoy!!

DL: Som Amara - Play Girl feat. Joey Boy

Play Girl - Som Amara feat. Joey Boy

Bug Bungi - Forest Girl

Yeah! That Pinky Sawika when she was young she was a member of 'Bug Bungi', girls groub from GMM Grammy. I like a lttle bit jungle+pop sound in the album 'Forest Girl' released in 2000. Pls comment

Bug Bunji - Roo Pa

MV : Bug Bunji - Mai Yark Yeun Khang Ther
MV : Bug Bunji - Medley Live
Clip : Bug Bunji Interview @ [V]

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nat Myria - Never Met Before

Nat Myria back with new stlye and I think that good for her in pop soul. The new album called 'Never Met Before' with a new single 'Kae Pieng Fhun(Just Dreaming)' good job Nat I love this one! check it out.

DL: Nat Myria - Kae Pieng Fhun

Marshar - Let's Have Fun Tonight

Marshar back with the 10th album called 'Let's Have Fun Tonight' first single is 'Rak Young Mai Tong Karn' she work with Narongvit again let's dance! and I think she wanna be a dancing queen of Thailand lol.

DL: Marshar - Rak Young Mai Tong Karn(Let's Have Fun Tonight)

MARSHA New album teaser

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Saengrawee - Maemod

Another classic song from Saengrawee 'Maemod(Witch)' by Kita record again. Check it out! (I love this vids so much it's really hard to find!)

DL: Saengrawee - Maemod

Saengrawee - Maemod(Witch)