Monday, August 31, 2009

Amanda "Run" Nicholas - Amanda

Back in 2001, a 16-y-o Amanda "Run" Nicholas released her first album called Amanda. Most of her songs use the melody of popular Thai songs combined with some new tracks, which is a formula of the English albums by GMM. I’m Just A Girl and Carry Me Away are the first 2 singles from the album, and they are original numbers. We also love Tell Me How Should I Know, the song which use the music from Marsha’s Ror (Wait), and her sweet takes on Extreme’s More Than Words. With Thai Rock Legend Asanee Chotikul as a producer and Simon Henderson as a lyricist, Amanda delivered us pop tunes that good enough for you to hunt for this album.

DL: Amanda "Run" Nicholas - Amanda

Saturday, August 29, 2009

G2G - Girls Next Doors

After 7 Sao Sa Bud Show in 2007. Now they back in the new project 'G2G - Girls Next Doors' with the same 7 girls from Academy Fantasia. It seem like K-Pop style a bit but the girls look great and nice step dance too, Enjoy!

G2G - Kon Kee Ngao Kab Sao Khang Bann (Girls Next Doors)- Energy Version

G2G - Ther Me Arai Kab Khao Rae Plao?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Chin - Too Fast Too Serious Live at Tina-Mai Beauty On The Beat

Chin - Too Fast Too Serious Live at Tina-Mai Beauty On The Beat

Ninja - Tina-Mai Beauty On The feat Nichkhun 2PM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Legend of Rei Khy Fhun : Chaliang the musical

Chaliang are the famous band in 80's and got many good song. The Legend of Rei Khy Fhun : Chaliang the musical, is a Stageplay from Workpoint team and songs from Chaliang, starring: Boy AF2, Beau AF5, Nat AF4, Mint AF3, Tee Tol Loongpong AF4, and more. I think this is interesting, don't miss!

Venue : M Theatre
Location : Phetburi Rd.
Peformance: 2 Octber - 18 October 2009

Public Sale: 31 July 2552 Time 10.00

Price : 3500 Baht
2500 Baht
2000 Baht
1500 Baht
1000 Baht
800 Baht
More info :

The Legend of Rei Khy Fhun : Chaliang the musical Intro

The Legend of Rei Khy Fhun : Chaliang the musical MV

Project H - Project H

Project H is trio girls form Dojo city. Annie Gift and Ploy are member of the band. Album released in 1999. Ploy is the one girl that remain in the limelight. She being in the band called 'The Diet Pills'. Check it out!

DL : Project H - Project H

Project H - สุดสัปดาห์ Sud Sab Da (Holiday)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yo - Yossavadee Hassadeewichit

I just found Yo Yossavadee's album here. She's top model now. It's quite rare and classic album and this is your request too, Enjoy!

DL : Yo - Yossavadee Hassadeewichit - Yo - Yossavadee

Yo - Yossavadee hassadeewichit - Tum Mai Glang Gun

Yo - Yossavadee hassadeewichit - Yoo Tee Nai?

Yo Yossvadee Hassadeewichit - Tur Keu Krai

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Buppha Ratree Ost.

I'm looking for this Ost. Finally I found and wanna share to u guy. In this album feature Sing Nhuer Suer Tai, Maf and one girl that i really like her voice PaTheta. I listen her song many times and I just know her name. I really like art directer in this cd and Buppha Ratree (only this version not like another part). Enjoy!

DL : OST. Buppha Ratree 01.rar

MAF - Mai Glub Mah

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pod & Mum in The Very Common Of Moderndogcumentary

So surprise! Mum Laconics being Pod Moderndog's special guest. They sing Gon (Before) together. That's good featuring and that's hot too. Taken from Moderndog: The Very Common Of Moderndogcumentary Concert,The Acoustic Live Recording At Thammasat University 22 Dec 2002... Let's rock!

Moderndog feat Mum Laconics - Gon (Before)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tata Young - Ready For Love

Tata Young 'Ready For Love' the 1st single of #3 International album 'Ready For Love' which got the Director Rainmaker Cho (worked with Rain, Wang Lee Hom and Jennifer Alba) one of the best MV directors from Korea. I think it's 3rd level from 2 international album I love the song but boring a bit in video Tata Young need to do something new and more exciting like Beyonce that her favourite. Tata's fan still wait her good dance and something fresh.

Tata Young - Ready for Love
with lyrics

Nat Myria - Nat Myria Benedetti

'Nat Myria Benedetti' is 1st album of Nat Myria, released in 1996 after big project album 6 2 12. It's successful and I wanna say this is Nat' masterpiece. In this album got many nice Pop-R&B songs and always listen it. Don't Miss!!

Download : Nat Myria Benedetti Part 1
Download : Nat Myria Benedetti Part 2

Nat Myria - อย่าทำ อย่าทำ (Yah Tum Yah Tum) in Tokyo, Japan 1996

Coco Jazz

Coco Jazz is a 80's classic band from Kita records. Naree-Krajang (lead singer) being in a groub Be My Guest. I'm don't know in details for this band but they done great Thai music in Jazz style. This is your request!

Download : Coco Jazz - Kid Teung Carabao คิดถึงคาราบาว

LOVE OF COCO JAZZ One of Coco Jazz video that I found in youtube.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mum and Laconics

This is Ladeezpop's fan request. Mum&Laconic is 80's band Mum is a guy but he sing as a woman and the music still intrend when you listening. They record this album in England and produce by Simon Tittley. Now Mum release album in the groub Be My Guest and lastest new Mum will show in 'MUM SHOW MAN COMEDY CONCERT' the concert will be held 21 - 22 Nov...ember 2009. At Centerpoint Playhouse at Central World. Don't Miss!

Download : Neauy Reu Young เหนื่อยรึยัง - Mum & Laconic
Download : Kor Pieng... Kao Jai ขอเพียงเข้าใจ - Mum & Laconic

Monday, August 17, 2009

Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun - Copacabana

It's a classic performance 'Copacabana' from Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun at 'The 9th Decade Building for The King'. So surprise I never saw it before when I was young and I guest it's in 90's. Christina looks hot with nice body, she and Got're new singer at the moment. This is so special collaboration. Enjoy!

Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun - Copacabana

Numcha - Ruk Tae Young Ngai

The new girl in town Numcha or Namcha Cheranut is currently very popular. 'Ruk Tae Young Ngaiteenage' 1st single that's cathy and many people compare her with Palmy. In my opinion she fresh and younger in melody and lyrics. Palmy's style is more dark and serious she's another level to compare with.. anyway I like her song and new single 'Tee Chan Kerei Yern' too, her album coming up!.

Download : Numcha - Ruk Tae Young Ngai (Single)

รักแท้..ยังไง Ruk Tae Young Ngai - Numcha

ที่ฉันเคยยืน Tee Chan Kerei Yern - Numcha

Dan Worrawech - Blue

Dan Worrawech ex-member of D2B release solo album 'Blue' by Sony Thailand. I like his single 'Chai Hua Jai' so catchy and looking good in video but I don't like the cd cover and the title 'Blue' it's out really out. Anyway let's listen his music!

Download : Chai Hua Jai ใช้หัวใจ - Dan (Single)

Chai Hua Jai ใช้หัวใจ - Danan

Kah Ture Tai (Suicide) - Oh Futon

I knew for many year that Oh Futon got a solo project and I wait for a long time. Finally Oh release this single in Greenlight Project 2, the album is coming soon.
title :: ฆ่าตัวตาย (Suicide)
artist :: Oh (Futon)
album :: Greenlight Project 2

Kah Ture Tai (Suicide) - Oh Futon

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nong Pimluck - Impossible!

'Impossible!' is Nong Pimluck (Venus Butterfly) 1st solo album in 1999-2000 by Bakery Music. Really hard to find but finally is here. Hope you like this album like me. Enjoy!

Download:Nong Pimluck - Impossible!

Nong Pimluck (Venus Butterfly)- Ther Tee San Dee (Sister dedicated to nijj)

Kid Mak - Venus Butterfly 2nd single

New Single from Venus Butterfly 'Kid Mak (Thinking Too Much)' also feat. VJ Utt from Mtv in this video too. Utt is hot and the gals too. Check it out!
Buy Venus Butterfly's CD Here

Kid Mak - Venus Butterfly 2nd single

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Girly Berry - ชอบเป็นของเธอ (I Like Being Yours)

Wow Ladeezpop is back! with hot MV 'Girly Berry - Chop Pen Khong Ther (I Like Being Yours)' They still my fave again after Shake it and this one too It's very sexy but it very beautiful in the same way. Chreograph by J.da also in Shake it and El Nin Yo (Tata Young) too. She really hot! Hope u like it!

DL : ชอบเป็นของเธอ (I Like Being Yours)