Friday, November 28, 2008

August Band - Sunshine

The August band release a new song 'Duang Tawan (Sunshine)' really nice song I like it and being a OST. in a '4 Romance' new Mario's movie too. Let's check The August band's website here!

The August - Sunshine

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chin - Keun Tee Neung

I can tell that Chin is Justin Timberlake of Thailand lol. anyway 'Keun Tee Neung' that's really nice song, isn't it? I'll give another chance to see real Chin not Justin.

For more Chin detail :

Chin - Keun Tee Neung (1st night)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Beau AF5 - Duay Kham Rak (With Love)

Beau AF5 is one of my favourite from AF5. She got a talent so much and with her song 'Duay Kham Rak (With Love)' just release produce by Boyd Kosiyabong too. Really nice song. Enjoy!

Album : Me, My Dream & My Producer
Artist : Academy Fantasia 5

Beau AF5 - Duay Kham Rak (With Love) Update!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Venus Butterfly is coming

I met Nong Pimluck and Katy from Venus Butterfly at Fat Festial last saturday. They told me about their album is coming up next year and give me this postcard to promote too. For more details you can check them out here They're cool^^

Venus Butterfly - Seasons Change the cover hit song by Venus Butterfly

Penpak Sirikul - Chan Loey OK

This 90s Thai pop classic was the biggest hit for Tai Penpak, sexy star who at the monmment and she was embroiled in a controversy for having posed nude for impressionistic paintings to raise funds for a charity. That's hot? Let's see her video but it's ok if you looking for some funny and bring your memory back. Enjoy ok?

Penpak Sirikul - Chan Loey OK (I'm OK)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Paper Jam - Paper Jam

Paper Jam is the classic rock band in 90's from More Music. Au Haruthai lead singer is a solo singer and her voice so amazing. It's the most abbreviated cd nowadays. It's quite expensive for 2ndhand cd too. One of my all time fave. Amazing voices!

Paper Jam - Mai Rak Dee

Double U - Glow In The Dark

Bouble U or W is a classic duo in 90's included Jugg Chawin and Ying. 'Glow in the Dark' is their 2nd album and really hard to find their MV but i found this one 'Tua Jing Kaung Tur(You're Real)' released in 2000. I really love this album if I found their more stuff I'll upload surely. Enjoy!

Double You - Tua Jing Kaung Tur