Friday, October 06, 2006

SeeFa - Deep Blue
FeeFa is one of the most successful and prolific songwriters to ever work in the Thai music industry. SeeFa got a new special album 'Deep Blue' feature 8 famous artist include Aof Pongsak, Mai Charoenpura, Masha Vadhanapanich, Amp Saowaluck, Jenifer Kim, Koh Mr.Saxman, Palaphol and Beau Sunita to sing her songs. I got one track of Aof Pongsak (AF1) I like this guy! You can buy SEEFA #2 Deep Blue concert tickets Here! Concert date is 29th Oct 2006. Can't wait for this album..

DL: SeeFa - Deep Blue project by Aof Pongsak (AF1)- Pae Pai Tur Ang

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