Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jason Young - Youngster
Jason Young isn't Tata Young's brother, he released with Glitz label 2 albums, 'Young Jason' in 1995 and 1996’s 'Jason Youngster' this is his second album 'Youngster' I got 2 hits song Mai Sa-Bai (So Sick) and Tagon Bok Fah (Bawl Out) Enjoy this!

DL: Jason Young - Mai Sa-Bai (So Sick)
DL: Jason Young - Tagon Bok Fah (Bawl Out)

Jason Young - Mai Sa-Bai He's the 1st Thai artist that promote on internet too!


  1. ขอบคุณคร้าบ

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I was huge crash on him.
    What is he doing now?
    Still in the military??

  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    my gosh, this brings so much memories back! thanks for posting it