Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nologo - Mosaic
The second Nologo's album (Dome Pakorn Lum) 'Mosaic' with New 10 tracks out now and lastest single is Fhun Dee. So let's join Nologo's MySpace Check it out!!

The tracklisting :
1. Pooying aow tae jai
2. Yin dee MV
3. Fhun dee New Single
4. Larng rai
5. Yhood
6. Roy plae tee morng mai hen
7. Kum torb
8. Krueng bin kradard
9. Ruk
10. Plien


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  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    thanks, im such a huge fan of Dome! Is it possible to get the whole album to download?