Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece) - White

Ki "White" The First Debut Album From Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece).. Will be relaesed om 6 Feb 2007. 'Tuk Ka Ta Tee Tur Fhun' 's first single with Soul-Pop, Enjoy! Check here for MV - Not Your Dream Doll

DL : Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece) - Tuk Ka Ta Tee Tur Fhun (Not Your Dream Doll)

Rest Up! - Niece Remember this!?


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  2. Oh man! I loved Niece back in the days. This is my first time seeing their MV from their first album. :D Thanks for posting!

  3. I think her voice isn't improved much more than many years ago... so i doubt why she dares to release album in 'soul-pop' genre... ;) the best part of her songs is music (that there's nothing sounds like press claimed as 'soul-pop') hmmmmm