Tuesday, October 09, 2007

6-2-12 the 50 Coolest Trend Setters No.10

Five Live's documentary in 2006 summarizing 50 biggest events in GMM Grammy's history.

No.10 is the 1995's phenomenal project called "6-2-12" which 6 of the hottest artists at the time gathered together in an album, including Mos Patiparn, Tata (Tata Young), Nat Myria, Christina Aguila, J Jetrin and the boyband, UHT.

The album stunned the music scene by reaching 1 million sales in just one week and going on to multimillion sales later, all tracks became hits and the 6-2-12 concert attracted the *biggest crowds ever* in the GMM Grammy's concert history!!

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6-2-12 : the 50 Coolest Trend Setters No.10

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    OMG, all this time I thought 6-2-12 was a purely Christina Aguilar Album. No wonder I never found that Album!

    Thanks for filling in the gaps for me.

    ~Ichiban of AznPoP~