Thursday, January 10, 2008

D.I.Y. by Narongvit

Another cool project from hot producer Narongvit released a new album 'D.I.Y. by Narongvit' special album with new generation of music scence such as Praew Kanitkul (ex-member from X3 supergang), Bell Supol, Lady Killers etc. For more detail click D.I.Y. by Narongvit's website.

1. Tah nai loke nee mai mee : Bell Supol
2. Sia wayl lar wah : Bowling
3. Yhark fung jark sieng ter : Lady Killers
4. Korb jai nah (Feat. Narongvit) : Praew Kanitkul << DL here
5. Sing tee chun riek wah ruk : Bomb Yuthanan
6. Har : Bell Supol
7. Sing tee rao pen : Bowling
8. Puk : Praew Kanitkul
9. Mai mee kum kae tua (tung nun) : Lady Killers
10. Kon glai tua : Bomb Yuthanan

Korb jai nah (Feat. Narongvit) : Praew Kanitkul

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