Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Narak Nah Love - Peck Aof Ice

The second video from 'Peck, Aof, Ice' from special album 'Together' is 'Narak Nah Love' pop dance and cathy song with special guest Nara for rap in the song. Finally we can Aof dancing lol. Enjoy!

Track List
1. Kae khon tho pid
2. Ter kue sing sood tai
3. Naruk na love
4. Mai ruk yah tum hai kid
5. Rueng mai dee mai jum
6. Pa-ti-sed kao pai
7. Nuey kern pai ru plao
8. Plor kum wa ruk
9. Ruk kun na dee na
10. Jai kwanggg

Narak Nah Love - Peck Aof Ice New Single

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