Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pinky & May FuengArom in LoogThung stlye

Millionaire Girl!
Hot Hit TV Drama LoogThung stlye 'Saonoi roi Lan (Millionaire Girl)' starring by Pinky Sawika and May FeungArom. The girls act like LoongThung gals of course they singing by themself too. They can sing so well cos this girls was a pop singer! Do you remember her? Pinky was a member of Bug Bungi .Their hit song was "O-Ya-O" released in 2000 and May FeungArom was debut her album 'May' before too. So they can sing very well and I think they looking for LoogThung business already.

DL : Jug Ga Jee(Trcikle) -Pinky Sawika Ost.Saonoi roi Larn'

DL : Abe Tuay(Paparazzi) - May FuengArom Ost.Saonoi roi Lan'

Jug Ga Jee(Trcikle) - Pinky Sawika Ost.Saonoi roi Larn

Abe Tuay(Paparazzi) - May FeungArom Ost.Saonoi roi Lan

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