Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bo Surattanavee Suviporn - Bo Beginning
At 1999 Bo and joyce were formed duo band called Triumphs Kingdom .they were being a part of thai pop culture. After they split Bo Surattanavee released her first solo album 'Beginning' in 2006 with hits song 'Ja Mee Bang Mai (Will It Be)' and Jai Kwang (Stop That!) from Happy Bakery's Party People album (2002) but I like the original version more than Le Rude remix version in her album. Enjoy!

DL: Bo Surattanavee - Will It Be
DL: Bo Surattanavee - Jai Kwaang (Stop That!) Original Version

Bo Surattanavee (TK) - Ja Mee Bang Mai (Will It Be) Video!

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