Friday, January 19, 2007

T-Skirt - Team's Tree

T-Skirt - Team's Tree | 2nd album
Back with Kita's hit again with second album of T-Skirt 'Team's Tree' I'm not sure when it released but in 90's, they changed their look to modern stlye but so sad it's not work. after this they got a greatest hits album and split the band. Ma goes to Lungtoong stlye, Gift goes to tv drama and now she got a baby and Joy goes to a detergent's presenter. I upload 2 hits singles from this album hope u enjoy it!

DL: T-Skirt - Rak Sa Dai(Tae Mai Hai Kad) Click here!for MV
DL: T-Skirt - Puad Raow

T-Skirt - Puad Raow this's vidz so surprised me!

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