Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bazoo - Bazoo

In 1998, The band “Bazoo” consists of three members, Debbie, Joey and Kumpun. They released the first album 'Bazoo' with a hits single 'Tho Oei(Oh,Dear!)'. Bazoo got 5 albums after they splited Kumpun joined the new band 'DanceArmy', Joey the lastest news he goes to acting in TV drama 'Song Fung Khong' and Debbie is still working for her solo project. Enjoy!

DL: Bazoo - Tho Oei (Oh,Dear!)

Bazoo - Tho Oei


  1. คิดถึงวงนี้
    เพลง ปอบผีฟ้า :P

  2. teelak10:46 AM

    Almost forgot Bazoo. They used to released Mandarin Album in Taiwan.