Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dove Presents "Dare To Dance Concert"

They're back again dancing queen and dancing king of Thailand Christina Aguila, J Jetrin, Mai Chalernpura and Dome Pakorn Lum (I think it should be Kat with Dome is better haha just my idea). They're getting the beat concert part II in Dove Presents "Dare To Dance Concert", 19 May 2007 at Impact Arena buy ticket at or call center 0-2262-3456. Enjoy again!


  1. teelak12:04 PM

    Oh...Christina & Dome
    What a combination
    I love Dome
    Thank you for sharing



  2. teelak11:10 AM

    my friend is big friend of Dome. I just told her about this concert. She tried to find more info online. We check from and it says that the show date will be May 19. Thank you very much to let us know this concert. My friend said she will be there for sure. to BKK for Dome again. Thank you thank you.