Monday, August 17, 2009

Numcha - Ruk Tae Young Ngai

The new girl in town Numcha or Namcha Cheranut is currently very popular. 'Ruk Tae Young Ngaiteenage' 1st single that's cathy and many people compare her with Palmy. In my opinion she fresh and younger in melody and lyrics. Palmy's style is more dark and serious she's another level to compare with.. anyway I like her song and new single 'Tee Chan Kerei Yern' too, her album coming up!.

Download : Numcha - Ruk Tae Young Ngai (Single)

รักแท้..ยังไง Ruk Tae Young Ngai - Numcha

ที่ฉันเคยยืน Tee Chan Kerei Yern - Numcha

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