Sunday, August 02, 2009

Girly Berry - ชอบเป็นของเธอ (I Like Being Yours)

Wow Ladeezpop is back! with hot MV 'Girly Berry - Chop Pen Khong Ther (I Like Being Yours)' They still my fave again after Shake it and this one too It's very sexy but it very beautiful in the same way. Chreograph by J.da also in Shake it and El Nin Yo (Tata Young) too. She really hot! Hope u like it!

DL : ชอบเป็นของเธอ (I Like Being Yours)

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  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    MV : Girly Berry (เกิร์ลลี่ เบอร์รี่) - ชอบเป็นของเธอ (Chaup Pen khong Tur) (I Like Being Yours) "for HD add &fmt=22" Singer : Girly Berry (เกิร์ลลี่ เบอร์รี่) Single : I Like Being Yours Date : 31 July 2009 Tracklist : 01 . ชอบเป็นของเธอ - My Opinion : In June their MV was a little buzz in my channel and more for others because i have see a lot of views in total ahah. This time they are back with their 2nd single and new MV .. I think this one is more attractive and sexy ? ahah The part with the lollipop is hm .. not for young lol And their dance part are really cool and softly sexy (?) like Chae Yeon with Shake I think :p Seriously I hope you like their new song and MV, me yep and it's one of my fav for this summer ^^ Please reply ^_^