Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dr.Kids - Rai Nuk Ruk Sa Loey (You're So Damn Hot) This is your request from their 2nd album 'Modified' cool boyband. The member're Tar Max Aof Tok and Rest in Peace for Tar.


  1. Nutjung1:47 AM

    Ohhhh Wattina ja u r the coolest girl!!! how can u find this mv /(ToT)\ it makes me lugh about fashion in that year (somewhat called 'Alter' 555)

    i've tried so hard and just found their cd... pity that p'tar didn't take off his sunglasses in this mv... wanna see his beautiful eyes so much T^T i miss him and that age a lot aa!!

  2. hey anyone can post here just click 'other' or 'Anonymous'

  3. wattina7:54 PM

    I got some their song which song do u wanna get tell me!

  4. Anonymous12:35 AM

    How did P'Tar pass away? So sad. RIP....