Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Rhythm of Palmy
5 Aug 2006, 'Palmy in Concert : The rhythm of the times' I wasn't at that show but I think it was good. This was an outstanding concert, and one that I wish I could watch on DVD (but her label release only VCD oh.. that's s**k!!) anyway.. I like her poster. it's cool.

VCD Release Date: Sep 12 2006
the tracklist :

Disc 1
Title Opening
Overture + Tick Tock
Tum pen mai tuk
Yark rong dunk dunk
Kwam jeb puad
Medley : Pood mai tem park & Tob tuan & Klua & Kwam song jum see jang & Paed mong chao wun Ung-Karn
Puen tee suan tua
Fah song chun ma
Rong hai ngai ngai kub rueng derm derm
Koon-jae tee hai pai
Ter hen tong-fah nun mai with T-BOne
Ska lover T-BOne

Disc 2
Kao luem
Hang Kruang
Ratchada Sena-Hoi
Proong nee ard mai mee chun
Kor pai kon diew
Medley : Tum pen mai tuk & Yark rong dunk dunk & Tick Tock

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