Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good Night, Sweet dream
Back to 90's again! I just get this classic album from Fuddee Funden's fansite. In my opinion, their album was great and I liked many of their songs. Here two songs ripped directly from the CD. Pls let me know if you wanna get other track!

Fundee Funden - Kum Nun Keu (These Words) Vidz

DL: Fundee Funden - Kum Nun Keu (These Words)
DL: Fundee Funden - Haam Chan Tee (Remind Me)


  1. Anonymous5:30 AM

    hi there! would like this get this song kum nun keu...anywhere i can download...this song makes me think of my secondary school days man...lol

  2. Anonymous5:31 AM

    anyway my email is danieleenzy@yahoo.com.sg